Sunday, February 5, 2012

Its my uncle school

Education Minister and President Karzai favorite man Farooq Wardak has changed the sign of an one and half century old Female School in Kabul and named it after his uncle. The school was known as Bibi Maro Female School in Kabul, Afghanistan. Bibi Maro was a Kabuli folk woman who gained popularity after she was killed by herself because falling in love with a man. The school is now called Abdul Qawouym Wardak Female school. Tolo TV reports that residents of the school community are disturbed by this change and they are threaten to remove the new sign.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pashtunsim in the Ministry of Education!

Pashtunsim in the Ministry of Education!
In a short note signed by Farooq Wardak, the Minister of Education, to one of his Heads of Department recommending a person  to appoint him in an instructive position. The Minister Wardak explicitly states in the note that the person is a PASHTUN and it’s a must-hire appeal.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Haqqani and Hekmatyaar are Pakistani citizen?

Dunya TV, a private channel in Pakistan interviews Former Pakistani ISI chief Gen. Hamid Gul on the subject of Haqqani and Hekmatyaar political status. Hamid Gul says in Urdo language that Haqqani and Hekmatyar defended Pakistan during the soviet war, they stayed loyal to us till invasion of US. ''They are both as patriotic Pakistani as I am'', he adds. Click the video if you are fluent in Urdo

Fake Karzai Arrested

Man arrested in Jalalabad province for making fake government documentation. Abdul Wares faked President Karzai signature for permit of carrying guns and to drive a  tinted window car. He also created counterfeit documents with the signatures of Minister of Interior, Traffic Chief, Minister of Agriculture, Defense and Speaker of the Upper House. The man was arrested by the National Directorate of Security yesterday in the city of Jalalabad.

A secrete videotape exposes how ministers are appointed in Afghanistan

today showing an example of highly unethical and corrupt course of action that has become part of the culture of those who run that weak and unstable government. While the average Afghan is extremely proud of voting for his or her representatives in parliament in view that these elected officials will carry the public’s will and perform duties that would benefit society, the truth is far from this goal.

What appears to be a functioning and civic house of representatives is in fact fake because all considerations and decision are actually being made in private and secret basements in the city of Kabul to the determent of a true democracy and failing hopes of thousands of constituents.

For example, one such meeting was filmed showing Haji Ramazan, a newly famed capitalist businessman (Hazara) who thinks he is the Rockefeller of Afghanistan, invites all the Uzbek and Hazara lawmakers in his house for a dinner. The guests include Gen. Abdul Rashid Dustom, an Uzbek power broker warlord, Haji Mohammad Mohaqeq, a Hazara warlord, Speaker of the House Abdul Rauf Ibrahim and with six other people who are nominated for ministry positions but in anticipation of parliament to approve them.

The video shows, Ramazan begin the meeting by saying, ‘’tonight is historic. I want to thank everyone for coming. Mohammad Mohaqeq was not able join us. He is stuck somewhere. He cannot make it. But it’s fine we have enough of powerful people here to make this decision.

”I invite you all here to talk about the future of our nation,” Ramazan continues. I have grown up daughters who are university graduates and I have two sons in Denamrk, one here in Kabul University, however I don’t want to select them. I have our own candidates present in this subterranean vault. They are prefect and workaholics. I called you all here. I called General Dustom who is our elder. I called all the lawmakers to tell you who you should vote for tomorrow in the Lower House.”

As the tape rolls on, Ramazan mentions six ministers, while only two of them are being shown on camera, sitting next to Gen. Dustom where the camera maintains a long focus. The names mentioned are: Wahidullah Shahrani Minister of Mines (Uzbek) and Dr. Suraya Dalil Acting Minister of Health (Uzbek).

The other four are unknown. These individuals are also present in the room but they are not videotaped. This tape is one of the hundreds of meetings that are organized away from the eyes of our nation. This clearly shows a Uzbek and Hazara deal making situation. Uzkek and Hazara politicians united together after the idea of Pan-Turkism was highly promoted in the country following the removal of Taliban.

Finally, it is important to notice General Dustom’s arrogant and tyrannical request at the end of the meeting. As the meeting comes to an end, he announces that he wants all the Kabul traffic to be cleared in advance of his path, saying “let them be upset (meaning the people of Afghanistan). I want all the traffic to be stopped while I am driving.”

Dostum’s last request for the evening concludes this secrete meeting.

Watch the videotapes below: